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Useful Teacup pig information and links

It is no secret that there has been some controversy over teacup pigs. A lot of attention was brought to it my A lady with large financial backing and extreme animal activist was we won't name but lives in California. She has several websites that she owns and has made it her full time job to reach out to different journalist. She has set up adoption programs but still requires fees. There is truth to sanctuaries being over-run by teacup pigs. Pet owners not yet ready to own a pet decide to pawn the pets off and let someone else claim responsibility. Owning any type of pet takes a lot of work and responsibility. Pounds are overrun by dogs and cats as well. We think it is wise to always look into getting a pet for adoption if possible before buying from a breeder.

With that being said we don't like the current hate campaign with the mission of scary people from having teacup pigs as pets. People should still have the right to choose whether or not they want a pet.  Pampered piglets has sent out a press release About misguided activist on teacup pigs  that helps state their stance on this false slander being put out that helps state their stance on this false slander being put out about teacup pigs not existing. News wires have been spreading recently admitting that scientist have altered the genes and that teacup pigs do exist. Teacup pigs are still very rare and they are expensive. They still require diets. Which bring up another point. Since numerous teacup pigs owners have come forth and proved with pictures that their teacup pigs not only exist but stay small these same activist have spread lies about these being normal size pigs and that they are just starved. This is another scare tactic and anyone that takes 5 seconds to think about it can figure out you can't just starve an animal and create a mini version. If you don't feed an elephant it dies it doesn't stay small. A mini pincher is not an underfed doberman and a teacup pig is definitely not an under fed hog. below are some links to videos as well as teacup pigs. As always feel free to email us with any questions we would love to help.

Here is a nice article by TheDodo on teacup pigs. I also think this micro pigs question and answers page has some great information on it as well.

Teacup pig lands backflip over dog

Adult Teacup pig in San Fran   

Teacup Pig Dancing

​Here is a nice article by TheDodo on teacup pigs.