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Taking good care of your little teacup pig
Teacup pig is a very small bread of pig and it is this small size that makes it so adorable and attractive. There are many celebrities as well who have teacup pigs. The maintenance of these pigs is very low and with such a long lifespan they will really make a steady companion. Let us look at some tips which can be helpful for taking good care of this piglet. 
Similar to humans, the teacup pigs love to have a place of their own. Don’t forget a put a blanket on the basket. It will give them comport and protection and the pigs also take it as a source of entertainment, playing in the blanket. Apart from this, toys can be very helpful especially at times when the pig is alone as a bored piglet is susceptible to become destructive. You can also have a small pool for the pig to have a dip and cool their body down especially during hot climates. 
You need to be a bit strict when it comes to food. On a daily basis, you can feed him with vegetable like potato or celery. Fruits like raisins, grapes or apples can be given as treats. It would be better that you give such treats when your teacup pig does something which demands celebration. Feeding him with excess grapes will lead to frequent urination. 
Love and care is something that your little teacup pig will die for. You need to give him as much attention as you can. Initially, he might not like you cuddling him but once you have won his trust then he will love being touched. In order to have him maintain his good health, make sure that he is involved in some sort of regular exercise. There are not many vets available whom you can consult regarding your teacup pig. So you need to do s thorough search to get hold of one. 

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