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Teacup piglets for sale
Here you can find some of the smallest teacup pigs in the world at an incredible discounted price. Take advantage of all our closeout prices and adopt your very own teacup piglet.  
All Teacup piglets listed on this page come from the best bloodlines.

All Teacup pigs include free shipping to an airport near you

All Teacup pigs are litter box trained

All Teacup pigs can be financed

You can also save big by paying upfront!

 Price includes Free shipping, a carrier, and a teacup piggy started kit.

Please look at the images of the available teacup piglets below and if you see one that you would like to adopt please call or text Karen at 801-376-5785
You can also email us at

Male teacup pig
Financing available​
Free Shipping
male teacup pig
Financing available
Free Shipping
Female teacup pig
Free Shipping
Female teacup pig
Financing available
Free Shipping
 female teacup
Financing available
Free Shipping
~Mrs. Piggy~

Teacup female
Free Shipping
Some commonly asked questions about our teacup pigs

How do I know what teacup pigs are available?

We try to update this page as much as possible you should see the word adopted next to the piglets name that is adopted. Our teacup piglets do get adopted quickly so sometimes the easiest way to find out if a piglet is adopted is by emailing or texting or calling us.

Why do some breeders have pictures of newborn piglets?

Unfortunately some breeders are only in it to make a quick buck. This is unfortunate because they take the new born piglet away from it's mother within hours of the teacup piglet being born. This is a red flag! This not only is bad for the piglet but also can mean that they are just trying to fool you with a normal potbelly pig. You can not tell the difference when a piglet is just a few hours old. They do this because baby piglets do look cuter to most people and they can claim their piglets are smaller. We have not found any breeders with smaller teacup pigs than ours and we challenge any breeder that makes such claims to a weigh off.

Will having a teacup piglet that is a little older take away from our ability to bond with it?

No having a piglet that is a little older will not take away from you and your family being able to bond with it. In fact, most people have found that having a micro piglet that is a little older actually makes things a little bit easier. When a piglet is super young it still needs to be taught certain things like not to bite and how to be litter box trained. The benefit of having a little bit older piglet is that we are able to teach it all of these things. The other benefit is the health benefits of having your piglet be able to breast feed off of it’s mother longer. This helps the teacup piglets maintain better health.

Can I raise a teacup pig if I live in an Apartment?

Yes, my son lives in the city and he has two teacup pigs living with him in his apartment. He has a litter box for them and makes sure to take them on their daily walks. The piglets are healthy and happy. He has his own room for the piglets but says they would rather sleep in his bed cuddling up with him than in their own beds.

Is shipping a teacup pig out on airplane safe?

We get asked this question a lot and we are happy when we get asked this cause it shows the person adopting cares about the teacup piglet. The answer is yes! The teacup piglet is completely safe and travels in comfort to it’s new family.

If I am looking for teacup pigs for sale why should I adopt from you?

We care about our teacup pigs and also care that you are completely satisfied with your new pet. Not only do we have some of the smallest teacup pigs in the world but we also are willing to take the time to answer all your questions and keep in contact with you years down the road if you ever have any questions that come up.